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Welcome aboard! My name is Jay Curry, but I respond just as well to, and take comments from people as Rusty. I have been known to spend too many hours working on a project to have gotten anything done. I am in the process of looking for a new job. If you are looking for a wide area networking specialist, take a look at my resume.

I like to play with computers and operating systems. My home systems use BeOS, OS/2 Warp and Debian Linux 2.0. I also have a system running MacOS, a couple of systems runing DR-Dos, and two systems running Windows 3.11 I have been known to play around with GeoWorks from time to time, and while I do have it on one of the systems, I am not using it much these days. Backup OS's on the systems vary from none, through PC-Dos 7, and MS-Dos 6.2.

I am working on an HTML document that may help OS/2 users to log into their Internet Service Provider if they want to use the Dial Other Internet Provider application. I also have a file that I have been working upon that provides the same information and then some. I wrote it in DeScribe Voyager and have three copies of it in there, a text copy ending .faq, and two describe versions, one revision marked so you can see what has been changed, and one plain that you can print from Describe if you wish. If you unzip this to an HPFS partition the filenames will be expanded, if you unzip it to a FAT partition the .rev copy is revision marked, the .cln is the clean copy.

For a good look at an alternative to the Dial Other Internet Providers, Have a look at InJoy

I have written a few trivial programs in Pascal and C, even a truly trivial "example" program or two in C++. Now I am working on a couple of programs that I would like to have at my disposal at work.

I do have a few sites I visit from time to time have a look around.

One piece of REXX code that I am working on can be retrieved as, and is a caller ID rexx script that optionally will page the user.

Working on a project to make some of the images of the traffic load of the local freeways accesable to the user base of the Internet.

Have a look at the layout of my Personal Lan.

keep your head down

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